A Buffet in Graphite

grey and gold buffet

I love, love, love finding these Depression era buffets.  All their carvings and chunky legs just ooze character and look fantastic painted.

When I brought this girl home, I had just finished some custom work using Amy Howard at Home’s Graphite and Selznick Grey One Step paint and decided Graphite would be a great choice on this buffet.  [Read more…]

Amy Howard One Step Paint: Understanding the Greys

When you need a neutral and are tired of white, you reach for grey, right?

I frequently use neutrals on my painted furniture, and LOVE grey.  I was especially excited when I found out that Amy Howard created 8 different grey tones in her One Step paint.  Wow.  (By the way, there are 52 One Step paint colors!)

So I thought I would go through the best sellers (and my favorites) to help you guys pick out the correct grey tone for your next paint project.  So without further ado…

pinforonesteppaint [Read more…]

How to Use Amy Howard’s Dust of Ages

Dust of Ages is one of my favorite products in the Amy Howard at Home line.  It looks phenomenal over dark colored One Step paint….Black, Graphite, Windsor, A Good Man….you name it.  It takes a newly painted finish and makes it look time worn, loved and gently cared for over a long period of time.

I asked Amy when I met her in January at Atlanta market if she used Dust of Ages on everything (this was after watching her demo products for about an hour).  “Pretty much,” she replied with a smile.

I felt like I had discovered a secret. [Read more…]

My Best Makeover Yet…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the spiritual moment I had while working on this dresser.

eugenie before

Because, oh my god.  She was just soooo bad.  Hours of stripping, sanding and repairing went into just getting her ready to paint.  More than one person in my family asked me why I didn’t just trash her.

It was obvious that the average sane person would take one look and think “lost cause.”

But all along I had a vision.  I saw her in a front entry way of a beach inspired home or holding piles of soft towels in a bathroom.   I knew she’d be soft and feminine when I got finished with her.

eugeniedresser [Read more…]