Cracked Patina

I have this urn sitting in my bedroom that I’ve had for….oh maybe….10 years.  It looks positively ancient.  Cracked, chipped and crumbling.  And I’ve thought to myself over the years….now if I could only paint like that.

Enter Cracked Patina and hear my world shifting.

I am so absolutely, positively in L.O.V.E. with this stuff that I am shocked…shocked, I tell you…that people don’t throw money at me begging me to teach them how to use it.  I mean LOOKIT!

cracked patina urn

This was an ugly, old, boring brown painted urn and now…ooh, la la! [Read more…]

Selznick Grey Dresser

This piece is a classic.

selznick grey dresser

An outdated Dixie dresser that was showing wear and needed a face lift.

I decided to duplicate the finish I did on my own dining room buffet.

buffet [Read more…]

Silver Leaf Buffet

Can you tell that I used silver leaf on this piece?

silver leaf console

No?  How about now?


Ah…here we go. [Read more…]

A Buffet in Graphite

grey and gold buffet

I love, love, love finding these Depression era buffets.  All their carvings and chunky legs just ooze character and look fantastic painted.

When I brought this girl home, I had just finished some custom work using Amy Howard at Home’s Graphite and Selznick Grey One Step paint and decided Graphite would be a great choice on this buffet.  [Read more…]