How to Remove Paint from Hardware

I’ve got a fun, quick tip for you today.

Awhile back I refinished my dining room buffet and painted over all the hardware. Multiple coats, because of course, I changed my mind four times about the color.  Right? 

It wasn’t until I finished that I realized the original brass hardware would have looked waaay better.  Also, because this project took me so long, the paint had plenty of time to cure and was stuck on there good. [Read more…]

Quick & Easy DIY: Stamped Wood Knobs

stamped knobspinterstOne day I was looking at this pile of boring, round wood knobs I’d collected from all my furniture makeovers, when I got an idea.

Stamped knobs!

Specifically, I was thinking how cute it would be to add some stamped knobs to kids’ furniture, so that was my focus when I started creating. [Read more…]

Painting 101: Learning the Difference Between Chalk Based, Milk and Acrylic Paint

Last week I sent out a handy paint guide I created just for my readers. If you didn’t get it, be sure to sign up for my weekly emails over here to the right >>>>>>>>

It’s a fun little infographic that walks you step-by-step through the first (and sometimes terrifying) furniture makeover decision:

Which paint should I use?? 

Using my guide, you will quickly be able to make the perfect paint selection for your piece of furniture and the look you want.  So easy!

I talk about three different types of paint: chalk-based, acrylic and milk.  So this week I want to show you up close and personal what the difference is between them. [Read more…]

Crafting a Family Message Center

Not too long ago, I ended up at an auction where this large wood thing was smashed into a corner with a bunch of stuff that I wanted piled around it.  Lucky for me, it turned out to be one big lot and everything became mine.

When I uncovered it, I was so excited to see that it was an old ___________.

(Okay, that’s a blank for you to fill in, because I cannot figure out what this thing is.  An antique hymnal board possibly?  Look at the Gothic style arches on the frame.  Doesn’t it look churchy?  Seriously, if anyone has any ideas, let me know!)

message center6

[Read more…]