Updating a Chifferobe


I’ve had several pieces like this and just love updating them, but…I never knew the proper name for this style of furniture and just used the word “wardrobe” when asked.  I was so terribly wrong. [Read more…]

A French Side Table Named Juliette

I’d like to introduce you to the sweetest girl ever…

atelier nightstand

I was thrilled to find several French night stands/side tables last week.  They all started out with similar plain walnut finishes.  Not bad, but not extraordinary.  This is how Juliette looked when she came home with me… [Read more…]

Introducing Amy Howard at Home

If you’re here, you probably saw my announcement about becoming a retailer for Amy Howard at Home.  I’m so excited about this opportunity, because as much as I love finding, refinishing and flipping old pieces myself, the heart of why I do what I do is this:

“Encourage, inspire, and bless women in their homes and lives.”

For most women, their home is who they are.  Not in a “look at me” decorating kind of way, but in an expressive this is who I am, won’t you please come be a part of my life kind of a way.

Our homes are where we nurture people and create family (whether or not they are related to us), raise children, celebrate life and grow old with the ones we love.  And a lot of times, it is our number one creative outlet.  Wouldn’t you agree with this?  If you’ve lived in your house awhile, think of all the ways you’ve made it “you.”  See what I mean? [Read more…]