Cracked Patina Online Workshop: Coming Soon!

I know I promised you guys Part 2 of the Designing Series I started last week, but everything finally came together to begin filming my first on-line workshop!  (Insert excited squeal!!)  

This week I painted this beauty while filming the first course, How To Use Cracked Patina


I’m so stinkin’ excited (and a bit nervous) to get everything edited and ready to offer to you.

I mean, don’t you want to learn how to create this finish??

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Gilded Buffet: Grey & Gold

Last week I painted a gorgeous buffet for my client, Shannon.  She bought the buffet about a year before she had a house for it!  (Sounds like a girl thing to do, amiright?)

Shannon’s vision was something elegant with metallic accents and we spent some time discussing ideas before we settled on the perfect finish.

Here’s the before:


And the after:


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How to Fix the Five Most Common Furniture Makeover Mistakes

Working as a furniture painter and Amy Howard at Home retailer, I frequently get asked things like:

Why did my paint chip/crack/flake?

Why is the finish streaky?

It hit me that almost all paint problems can be boiled down to five common mistakes. Heck, I did these too before I knew better.IMG_3882 [Read more…]

Silver Leaf Buffet

Can you tell that I used silver leaf on this piece?

silver leaf console

No?  How about now?


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