How to Fix the Five Most Common Furniture Makeover Mistakes

Working as a furniture painter and Amy Howard at Home retailer, I frequently get asked things like:

Why did my paint chip/crack/flake?

Why is the finish streaky?

It hit me that almost all paint problems can be boiled down to five common mistakes. Heck, I did these too before I knew better.IMG_3882 [Read more…]

4 Ideas to Add Instant Farmhouse Flair to Your Suburban Home

Okay girls, eyes sharp! Next time you’re out at a flea market, estate sale or antique shop, here’s what to look for to infuse your home with a rustic, farmhouse vibe.

Architectural salvage – Gates, mantles, windows, doors, shutters. Think big pieces that can be hung on the wall or an antique item that can replace builder grade materials such as swapping out a generic pantry door with an antique screen door.

diningroom [Read more…]

What Every Girl Needs in Her Furniture Make-Over Toolkit

Have you ever started a paint project only to realize you are out of _________?

And heading to the store is about as easy and appealing as asking you to run a marathon with an elephant strapped to your back?

Seriously, you’ve had one of those days.  And you finally get the kids down for a nap, thinking you’re going to be a Rock Star (not to mention feel like a productive adult) by getting this project started but…brake screech…you can’t?

Sigh.  This was my life all the time when my kids were little!

Well, look no further.

I put together a handy list for you (print it out here), so the next time you’re out running errands, grab the following and you’ll be ready when the kids cooperate inspiration strikes! [Read more…]

Easy DIY: Inspirational Canvas Art

I love words and sayings and inspirational quotes.

The idea for this canvas art project came one day while I was reading my Bible.

By day the Lord commands His steadfast love, at night His song is with me. (Psalms 42:8)

You know those moments when you’re reading scripture and it just melts your heart?  I pictured the Lord, as nurturing as a mother, commanding His love towards me during the day (never giving up on me) and at night singing over me.

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