Gilded Buffet: Grey & Gold

Last week I painted a gorgeous buffet for my client, Shannon.  She bought the buffet about a year before she had a house for it!  (Sounds like a girl thing to do, amiright?)

Shannon’s vision was something elegant with metallic accents and we spent some time discussing ideas before we settled on the perfect finish.

Here’s the before:


And the after:


The existing finish was very powdery and crackly.  Poor girl had been neglected.  As a result, she required a good bit of cleaning, sanding and prep work before she was ready for paint. (Read about my minimal prep method here.)

Once she was clean, I painted the entire piece in Atelier One Step paint by Amy Howard.  Some of the appliques got a coat of Bauhauss Buff One Step paint.


See the cream colored paint peeking through the gilding??  Sigh

After that, I gold leafed all the appliques.



You might notice the leafing is sparse and not full coverage.  I wanted her to have an old, chippy, inherited from my French great-grandmother look.

The hardware had also been painted so I removed it by soaking in hot soapy water for several hours and then scrubbing with a toothbrush.  This post gives a fool proof method for removing the toughest encrusted paint from old hardware.

All the knobs got a little touch of gold as well.


I was so happy with the way it turned out.  And the best part was when Shannon saw it and began squealing with excitement.  (Best part of my job…hands down!)


I love giving new life to neglected pieces.  I think this beauty has many more years left in her!



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  1. Cyn Benson says:

    Gorgeous! I think that Shannon is one lucky lady to have bought this buffet and then had you make it so wonderful. Cyn

  2. Brenda White says:

    Love the way this piece turned out! Did you use the dark wax over the Amy Howard One Step Atelier? Love her products.

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