A Simple Porch Party for Six

Last week something tremendous happened that called for a party:  my baby turned 20.


No more kids around here, just grown up adults.

So I threw a grown up adult party.  Kind of like if we were having friends over and just hanging on the porch being all casual like.  Bonus if there’s a bonfire afterwards.


I planned and executed this party in about 24 hours.  The night before, my husband did his annual clean and scrub on the back porch (goodbye pollen) while I planned a super simple menu.


Are you familiar with low country boil?  Or is it a South Carolina/Georgia thing?  We were going to grill, but this was sooo much easier.  And, truthfully, seafood is always fancier than burgers or chicken.

low country boil2

There are plenty of recipes online for low country boil, but this is mine.  We cook this every year at the beach, so I’ve kind of perfected it. 😉






So proud of this kid.


He just got back from a six month adventure in the UK and came back knowing how to play guitar?

Once it got dark, we sat around the fire and ate birthday cake.  I made this strawberry cake from Cake Mix Doctor.

chris fire


It was a great night.  So glad it’s porch party season again!


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  1. How beautiful, Mary!
    D looks just like M 🙂
    And I think we like Brie and stuff, too.

    • YES!! He’s M’s mini-me! 🙂 And I’m pretty sure you inspired the brie portion of that meal. lol (We’d just had it at your house!)

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