My First Visit to Round Top

I just got back from Austin and my very first visit to Round Top!  Friends, it was beyond…beyond, beyond.  I have been to antique markets and shows, but this was like all the pretty things ended up in the Elysian Fields of antiquedom and we mere mortals were blessed to meander and shop amongst them.

Mom and pop pickers sat right alongside dealers with containers of French antiques.  And not just one I happened to luck out and find this cool thing, but piles of architectural salvage, zinc pots, hand carved dough bowls, farm tables, French chairs, antique doors, metal signs, tobacco baskets, artwork, crystal chandeliers…


Chippy, crusty, rusty, gilded, faded, collectibles all for the taking.  And we only saw a portion of it!

I do believe any antique or vintage item you could ever want would be at Round Top.

I was so distracted by all the pretties, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are a few highlights.

I really want one of these benches for my front hallway.


These are so hard to find around here!  Would be awesome in my new office…


This one booth had the most gorgeous farm tables I have ever seen in my life!  They were all together in one place! I would be astounded to find one of these perfect beauties in my lifetime, but fifteen?  How do people find so many of the perfect thing?  This is the antique dealer secret I have yet to figure out.

This particular farm table?  Die.  Those chunky legs were painted in grey milk paint and the top was three thick perfectly patinaed boards.  The whole picture was long and skinny and screamed French farmhouse from across the room.  And look at the chairs they paired with it!  I practically flung myself on top of it and cried.

french farmhouse table

One day…I will have this in my house and my whole family (grandchildren and all) will gather to laugh and tell stories while I bring them bowls and platters of food I’ve lovingly prepared in my French farmhouse kitchen (the one with the little pots of herbs outside the window and the cold stone floors I sweep every morning.)

No, I don’t get swept up by pretty things, why do you ask?

Look at all this eye candy.

IMG_5739 (1)

I also ran up to Metrolina last week, and it was so fun and nice to know I have my own little Elysian Fields just down the road.  (Made me not feel sad that I’m 18 hours away from Texas).  But then…

I found out it’s going out of business!  Do you local peeps know this?  There will be two more shows, one in May and one in June.  And then that’s it.  Forever.

So what does one do?  One shops like they will never be able to shop again.

I got this cute chicken feeder to display some of my ironstone saucers.

chicken feeder

These wicker covered wine jugs.  (I think one of these is old, but one is not.)

wine jugs

I dug through a pile of piano parts to find these…



I also found a bolt of gorgeous decorator linen fabric that will be a new head board in my bedroom (only $15!), some limestone decorative balls, and a big piece of art for my bedroom/bathroom (haven’t decided yet).

It is spring picking season!  Are you guys out looking for some fun, new things for your house too?  Where do you like to go?  I’m considering heading up to Luckett’s at the end of May.  Anyone else going?


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  1. What an amazing day! You are the best xoxoxox

  2. Where are Luckett’s and Metrolina?? You have intrigued me to find more places to “browse” and find “treasure”

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