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Quick & Easy DIY: Stamped Wood Knobs

stamped knobspinterstOne day I was looking at this pile of boring, round wood knobs I’d collected from all my furniture makeovers, when I got an idea.

Stamped knobs!

Specifically, I was thinking how cute it would be to add some stamped knobs to kids’ furniture, so that was my focus when I started creating. [Read more…]

Painting 101: Learning the Difference Between Chalk Based, Milk and Acrylic Paint

Last week I sent out a handy paint guide I created just for my readers. If you didn’t get it, be sure to sign up for my weekly emails over here to the right >>>>>>>>

It’s a fun little infographic that walks you step-by-step through the first (and sometimes terrifying) furniture makeover decision:

Which paint should I use?? 

Using my guide, you will quickly be able to make the perfect paint selection for your piece of furniture and the look you want.  So easy!

I talk about three different types of paint: chalk-based, acrylic and milk.  So this week I want to show you up close and personal what the difference is between them. [Read more…]