4 Ideas to Add Instant Farmhouse Flair to Your Suburban Home

Okay girls, eyes sharp! Next time you’re out at a flea market, estate sale or antique shop, here’s what to look for to infuse your home with a rustic, farmhouse vibe.

Architectural salvage – Gates, mantles, windows, doors, shutters. Think big pieces that can be hung on the wall or an antique item that can replace builder grade materials such as swapping out a generic pantry door with an antique screen door.



Perfectly aged wood – Back before our world was inundated with plastic, the most mundane objects were crafted from wood: dough bowls, printer trays, kitchen utensils, tool boxes, storage containers, crates.



These pieces age to a gorgeous patina and just having them in your home makes you feel like part of a story.  If the wood is looking a little dry, use some hemp oil or furniture tonic to freshen it up.


The top of this chest was so beautiful, I didn’t want to touch it with paint! I sanded off the existing varnish and applied a layer of hemp oil.

Painted Furniture You know that amazing cabinet that has about four layers of gorgeous chippy paint? This is what I’m talking about. And if you can’t find what you want? It’s easy to create that look yourself.





Collectibles – Enamelware, rolling pins, vintage cameras, blue Ball jars, vintage scales, luggage, wooden shoe forms, oil paintings, picnic baskets, the sky’s the limit!  Pick something that would make you happy to see everyday.

vintage wood pestles


Wouldn’t these rusty stars look amazing in a bowl on a table?

Grouping these objects together makes a statement.  One piece of ironstone is nice, a collection inside a primitive hutch is divine.   What about a set of unpolished silver trays hanging on the wall or antique books displayed on a shelf in your bedroom?



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