What Every Girl Needs in Her Furniture Make-Over Toolkit

Have you ever started a paint project only to realize you are out of _________?

And heading to the store is about as easy and appealing as asking you to run a marathon with an elephant strapped to your back?

Seriously, you’ve had one of those days.  And you finally get the kids down for a nap, thinking you’re going to be a Rock Star (not to mention feel like a productive adult) by getting this project started but…brake screech…you can’t?

Sigh.  This was my life all the time when my kids were little!

Well, look no further.

I put together a handy list for you (print it out here), so the next time you’re out running errands, grab the following and you’ll be ready when the kids cooperate inspiration strikes!

Bonus points if you get yourself a cute little basket or container to put it all in!

paint toolkit pic

Shopping List

  1. Cleaner (a degreaser such as Simple Green, look for the words “degreaser” on the label)
  2. Lint free rags (used for cleaning, buffing, wiping up paint spills so get a large pack)
  3. Medium grit sanding blocks (you can also get fine grit if you’re feeling adventurous!)
  4. 2” flat or angled good quality paintbrush such as Purdy or Wooster brand
  5. Brushes for waxing, either round brushes or 2” flat brush. (I use the chip brushes you can get for a dollar or two and buy one brush for each color wax)
  6. Bondo, spackle or other type of wood filler (I keep both Bondo and spackle on hand and use them for filling hardware holes, missing veneer, dents or scratches. Spackle shrinks so I use it for smaller repairs and Bondo doesn’t so I use it for the larger jobs like filling hardware holes.)
  7. Spackle knife
  8. Hammer, nails, wood glue (I use Gorilla brand wood glue) for minor repairs
  9. Wood clamps (May not be necessary to have on hand, but if you’re painting for a living, bite the bullet and buy yourself at least four long clamps. You can thank me later!)
  10. Flat head and Philips screwdrivers (to remove hardware, open paint cans)
  11. 000 or 0000 steel wool
  12. Drop cloth
  13. Paper towels
  14. Something to stir your paint with (stir sticks, popsicle/craft sticks or plastic knives)
  15. Extra containers (Necessary if you’ll be mixing milk paint. I reuse large yogurt and cottage cheese containers.)
  16. Mineral spirits (for cleaning the wax brushes)
  17. Painters tape
  18. Paint of choice
  19. Wax of choice
  20. Cute container to hold everything!

Comment below if there’s something I didn’t mention that you love to keep in your paint toolkit!


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