How to Remove Paint from Hardware

I’ve got a fun, quick tip for you today.

Awhile back I refinished my dining room buffet and painted over all the hardware. Multiple coats, because of course, I changed my mind four times about the color.  Right? 

It wasn’t until I finished that I realized the original brass hardware would have looked waaay better.  Also, because this project took me so long, the paint had plenty of time to cure and was stuck on there good.

I tried to scrub it off…just in case.  (Nope.) 

I tried to convince myself the painted hardware was not so bad.  (Nothing doing.)

Major frustration set in, so I went to Google.  A little online reading told me that a slow cooker and some soap and water was all I needed.

I put the painted hardware in the slow cooker, added a big squirt of dish soap, covered with water and turned it on low overnight.

The next morning, I used a wire brush and voila the old paint pretty much just fell off.  Amazing…

yucky hardware

Think of the possibilities with this if you find some antique hardware coated in old paint.  Someone might be willing to give that hot mess away and you’ll know how to clean it up!

Here’s the finished buffet in its new home…



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