Quick & Easy DIY: Stamped Wood Knobs

stamped knobspinterstOne day I was looking at this pile of boring, round wood knobs I’d collected from all my furniture makeovers, when I got an idea.

Stamped knobs!

Specifically, I was thinking how cute it would be to add some stamped knobs to kids’ furniture, so that was my focus when I started creating.

(Before we go any further, you must promise to look at what I’m doing and not my actual nails and/or manicure.   No judging here, ‘mkay??  I never promise to be pretty when painting.)

I started with this pile of knobs…

wood knobs2

And General Finishes Milk Paint in Antique White (any other chalk based paint would work).  Even acrylic craft paint would do if you used a topcoat.

Small alphabet stamps

A foam brush

A rag for messes

wood knobs

Here’s a close up of my cute little stamps I got from Hobby Lobby…


The first thing I did was create a stamp pad of sorts, by dipping the foam brush into the paint and off loading any excess.


Once I knew what I was going to say and played around with the placement of the letters, I dipped the first stamp onto the foam brush like so…



When applying the stamp to the knob, don’t press straight down, but start at an angle and roll the stamp in one direction and motion to ensure all the paint gets on the surface and the letter doesn’t end up looking blurry.  Take charge of that little stamp, sister!



When you’re at this point, press firmly.


Sometimes this might happen.  Oops…


That’s okay, just swipe it off with your finger.





I also made an ABC collection.

wood knobs3

These would be so cute when updating a kid’s desk or dresser.  Navy, red or black with these ABC knobs?

Once they were dry, I did topcoat them with Zinsser shellac (the spray stuff) just to give some extra protection.


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