Cracked Patina

I have this urn sitting in my bedroom that I’ve had for….oh maybe….10 years.  It looks positively ancient.  Cracked, chipped and crumbling.  And I’ve thought to myself over the years….now if I could only paint like that.

Enter Cracked Patina and hear my world shifting.

I am so absolutely, positively in L.O.V.E. with this stuff that I am shocked…shocked, I tell you…that people don’t throw money at me begging me to teach them how to use it.  I mean LOOKIT!

cracked patina urn

This was an ugly, old, boring brown painted urn and now…ooh, la la!

Look at this mirror frame and how the cracked patina can really Do Its Thing when there are lots of carvings going on.

ornate chippy mirror

ornate chippymirror2

This is not an unpredictable chippy milk paint finish (will it chip or not chip?).  Because you are totally in control of the process.

It’s also not a crackle product.

This is a product that you sandwich between layers of One Step paint and use your hands or a brush to manipulate the top layer into the peeling, cracked and crumbling finish you see here.

Obviously, my world revolves around blues and greys, but you could do any color combo.  What about Black over Java?  Or Linen over Cartouche Green?

What about doing 3 different colors?

Or using it on bare wood with one color on top?

Would you like to learn how to use it?  Join me for my Toscana and Cracked Patina class in September.  Details here



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