Selznick Grey Dresser

This piece is a classic.

selznick grey dresser

An outdated Dixie dresser that was showing wear and needed a face lift.

I decided to duplicate the finish I did on my own dining room buffet.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a close up of this piece so you can see all the detail, but just know that I fall in love again and again every time I look at it!  I used a softer color on my buffet, but for my new piece, decided that Selznick Grey One Step paint would be perfect.

selznick buffet4

If you’re not familiar with Selznick Grey One Step paint, read my post regarding all the grey colors in the AHAH line.  I call Selznick the “Restoration Hardware Grey.”

I used Selznick as the base coat, and then applied a wash of 50/50 Selznick and Bauhaus Buff over the first coat.  Both light and dark wax give it a protective finish and a bit of patina.

selznick grey buffet

The result is a lovely layered finish.

selznick buffet5

No longer outdated and neglected.  But classic and modern.

selznick grey dresser

She is for sale at Palmetto Home & Garden, 2422 Laurens Road in Greenville, SC.

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