Silver Leaf Buffet

Can you tell that I used silver leaf on this piece?

silver leaf console

No?  How about now?


Ah…here we go.

silverleafclose up

Yes, I know…this is not normally “my style.”


Thankfully, I have clients that are more glamorous than I am!

My client, Mary Anne, is opening a new clothing boutique and she spent a lot of time telling me about her new space and the thoughtful, spiritual vision she has for it.  Basically, elegance floor to ceiling with tons of reflective finishes and silver metallics.  I was smitten.

And determined that whatever I did for her would live up to the vision.

So I started leafing just a little bit.  (Let’s face it, I was nervous.) 

But I kept going.  And going…

Until I had used 3 whole packages of silver leaf!  As a side note,  the fun/messy/crazy part is this stuff breaks up into tiny bits and floats all around you like glitter while you’re working!

It was like living in Barbie princess world for a few days while I worked on it.  🙂

To duplicate this finish, paint your base in Linen One Step paint.  Apply a wash of graphite.  Silver leaf all the raised or highlighted areas (or create an area to leaf, by taping off a box around your drawer fronts).  Finish up with light and dark wax.

Time consuming, but not difficult.

silverleaf accent

Amy has a great gilding tutorial on her You Tube channel that you can watch here

And I will be teaching a hands-on gilding workshop in August.  Details here

(It’s the Perfecting Finishes class on August 22nd.)

Here’s the before…


And after.

silverleaf console2


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