Updating Furniture with New Hardware

These little baubles finally made their way to me yesterday…


Many times I like to keep the original hardware on a piece, but it just depends…

I’ll update hardware if :

  • The old is missing or completely shot.
  • It is incredibly outdated and UGLY.
  • If I’m going for a whole new updated look.  (Which is what’s happening on this baby here!)


Besides…putting new hardware on a piece of furniture is as much fun as new earrings or shoes, right ladies?

I love the idea of using these amber colored knobs on a blue background.  They look like candy, don’t they?


Bone knobs that look like stained wood!  Gorgeous!  Would be handsome on a black finish.


Carved bone knobs that look like flowers?  Yes, please!  Endless options here…


They will be heading to Palmetto Home & Garden, 2422 Laurens Road in Greenville by the end of the week.  If something catches your eye, let me know and I can set it aside for you!  Also, don’t forget I have other knobs currently in stock (but not pictured).  Happy creating!


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