Finding Inspiration

Sometimes an idea comes together in my head, and later on I realize I’ve been inspired not by a beautiful piece of furniture on Pinterest, but by the most random thing.

Like this eye chart.

eye chart2

I picked up this vintage looking poster in Asheville.  I really loved the colors, the quirkiness and the typography and thought it would be fun to use when staging my furniture.

So I brought it home and put it away until the time was right to use it.

Fast forward to this week and this dresser.

dark grey dresserYawn.

Nice clean lines.  Several coats of dark grey paint.  But boring and in need of something to jazz it up.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I must have been thinking of the eye chart because when it was all said and done…


I laughed out loud when I pulled it out to display next to the dresser.  I had felt drawn to the accent colors and didn’t know why.


I realized that inspiration is everywhere.  Not just on Pinterest.

Next time you are planning a furniture piece or decorating your home, take some time to really look at everyday things that catch your eye and determine what it is that you love about it.

Design is design.  The color combination that I love in this eye chart can be transferred to a piece of furniture and look just as fabulous.

boysdresser2What ordinary thing inspires you?











  1. Thanks for sharing this advice on updating furniture! I agree that a nice coat of paint can really make a difference! However, I always get scared of painting furniture, especially if it is antique stuff. If I mess up, I could ruin the whole thing!

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