My Best Makeover Yet…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the spiritual moment I had while working on this dresser.

eugenie before

Because, oh my god.  She was just soooo bad.  Hours of stripping, sanding and repairing went into just getting her ready to paint.  More than one person in my family asked me why I didn’t just trash her.

It was obvious that the average sane person would take one look and think “lost cause.”

But all along I had a vision.  I saw her in a front entry way of a beach inspired home or holding piles of soft towels in a bathroom.   I knew she’d be soft and feminine when I got finished with her.


I created a custom blend from Credenza, Cartouche Green (both Amy Howard One Step paint colors) and a blue I had in my stash.  She got a coat of Liming Wax for a white wash effect.  Some demure glass knobs were the perfect jewelry.


She is so sweet and quaint now.  She would go anywhere you need a touch of tranquility in your home.





  1. I cannot tell you how much this creation makes my heart flutter! I had already decided on a custom paint EXACTLY this color for my sideboard and now I am going to try out the lime waxing to get the washed effect as well. I want it exactly like yours!

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