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Finding Inspiration

Sometimes an idea comes together in my head, and later on I realize I’ve been inspired not by a beautiful piece of furniture on Pinterest, but by the most random thing.

Like this eye chart.

eye chart2

I picked up this vintage looking poster in Asheville.  I really loved the colors, the quirkiness and the typography and thought it would be fun to use when staging my furniture.

So I brought it home and put it away until the time was right to use it. [Read more…]

My Best Makeover Yet…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the spiritual moment I had while working on this dresser.

eugenie before

Because, oh my god.  She was just soooo bad.  Hours of stripping, sanding and repairing went into just getting her ready to paint.  More than one person in my family asked me why I didn’t just trash her.

It was obvious that the average sane person would take one look and think “lost cause.”

But all along I had a vision.  I saw her in a front entry way of a beach inspired home or holding piles of soft towels in a bathroom.   I knew she’d be soft and feminine when I got finished with her.

eugeniedresser [Read more…]

Updating a Chifferobe


I’ve had several pieces like this and just love updating them, but…I never knew the proper name for this style of furniture and just used the word “wardrobe” when asked.  I was so terribly wrong. [Read more…]

Creating a Chippy Finish with Milk Paint

I always get a chuckle when I read about other furniture painters who freak out when they use milk paint and it starts chipping.  For me, this is the number one reason to use milk paint.  I get that not everyone loves chippy.  It is a very primitive look.

The pigments in milk paint create a gorgeous aged and layered finish.  All by itself.  (I say milk paint is like using water colors and chalk paint is like using acrylics.)  So some people just want the lovely look of milk paint without all the chipping craziness.

Milk paint always has…potential.  This “potential” drives some people crazy…the unpredictability and not knowing how it will turn out.  After using and playing around with it for over a year, milk paint and I have become so close, that I’ve learned its little nuances and how to make it behave the way I want it to.  Most of the time. [Read more…]