A French Side Table Named Juliette

I’d like to introduce you to the sweetest girl ever…

atelier nightstand

I was thrilled to find several French night stands/side tables last week.  They all started out with similar plain walnut finishes.  Not bad, but not extraordinary.  This is how Juliette looked when she came home with me…

juliette before

Please excuse the really bad and blurry iPhone pic!  (Gosh, she looks a little scared doesn’t she?)

My vision was to make her very soft with a tad bit of French sophistication.  I tossed around several different color ideas before landing on grey.  Not just any grey, because I didn’t want her boring!  I chose Atelier (Amy Howard One Step paint).  As soon as I put the first coat on, I knew it was perfect.

Atelier is a beautiful soft grey with blue undertones.  It reminds me of that antique grey I drool over when I see a beautiful painted piece of French furniture.  Perfect for Juliette.

I used light and dark wax to seal and give her the perfect amount of aged beauty.  Liming wax would be gorgeous on this color also and make it even more soft.   The accents are painted in Chelsea Square One Step.

atelier side table close up



She’s the perfect night stand or side table.  Quite elegantly tall.  Big enough for a small lamp, a book, a cup of tea.

Even the back is refinished, so she could sit in the middle of a room and be admired from all sides.

atelier nightstand back

She’s ready to find a new home, maybe with you?  If you’d like to see Juliette in person, let me know.  She’ll be here a few more days before I take her up to Palmetto Home & Garden (2422 Laurens Road, Greenville, SC).

Update:  Sold to Lisa!  Thanks!

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  1. Its really cool how a paint job can change the feel of a piece of furniture. The new paint makes it look really aged. It not surprising that it sold so quickly.

  2. Sanquetta Boatwright says:

    How much did it sell for? I just got a very similar piece that I’m working on.

    • Great question! It’s been so long, I honestly don’t remember. I found the best way to price was to look at other painters in my area to see what the market dictates and then I calculated based on an hourly rate plus my supplies. Good luck!

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