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I went to the woods…

This morning I went to the woods, kind of like Henry David.  I went because I discovered this yesterday and wanted to see it again.


And I took this girl with me.  She wanted to tag along and I was happy to take her, knowing we’d both bring our cameras and I could ask a million questions about how to shoot in manual.


We walked and talked until we got to a spot where the leaves were falling like snow around us, both of us trying to capture it and giving up.  Instead we stood in silence, cameras draped around our necks, thankful for the opportunity to be out and watching the miracle of the seasons changing.


We also took this guy who really wasn’t interested in photography.  He just wanted to be free of his leash so he could figure out where the skunk smell was coming from.


Where do you want me, Mom?  Here?  Here?



Finally, a behaved dog and proper lighting!  It’s a wrap!